UPS OLS Tower 6000VA/5400W


CyberPower OLS6000ERTXL3U is a high-performance UPS featuring online double-conversion topology, which provides seamless Pure Sine Wave power for mission-critical devices such as NAS and servers, DVRs/surveillance systems, transportation and infrastructure, and emergency systems. It’s typically integrated in the back office, server room, and data center environment. Selected product is equipped with a Maintenance Bypass Switch. By flipping the switch, the power supply is safely transferred to utility. This allows service personnel to carry out fast on-site maintenance without having to shut down any connected equipment. FEATURES Online (Double Conversion) UPS Topology Energy Saving Technology UPS Parallel Expansion Generator Compatible Overload Protection Zero Transfer Time Smart Battery Management (SBM) Extended Battery Module (EBM) Surge and Spike Protection EMI and RFI Filtration LCD Status Display Emergency Power Off (EPO) Port PowerPanel® Management Software SNMP/HTTP Remote Management Capability (Optional) Rack/Tower Convertible Configurations

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