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DS-D6055FL-B/S :Standing digital signage


l Metallic Appearance Light weight body with integrative design. The front high-transmittance tempered glass provides reliable protection. l Exquisite Image Industrial A+ interface, auto-coloring and image-enhancing engine. l Variable Materials Static and dynamic materials, including pictures, audio, video, scrolling subtitle, PDF, webpage, live video, number calling, pop-up pictures, etc. l Flexible Program Schedule Ø Free schedule and district display of multiple materials. Ø Multiple play modes with customization support. l Centralized Management Ø Remotely control and manage one or more screens, such as timed startup/shutdown, quick startup/shutdown, brightness/volume timed adjustment, and screenshot preview. Ø Remote program release and local (USB) program update. l Organization Permission Ø 5-level organization available for managing materials, programs, terminals, and users. Ø Create custom user with precise permission assignment. Multiple permission templates available. l Multiple Security Safeguards Ø 3-level check of materials, programs, and schedules to prevent mistake release. Screensaver password to protect displaying. Ø Encryption of data storage and transmission to avoid data tampering. Ø With no default password, users can activate and set initial password to guarantee the password safety

หมวดหมู่ : Digital Signage HIKVISION


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