AT-FL-SBX9-AM40-5YR : SwitchBlade x908 - Advanced layer 3+ modular switch


Allied Telesis Management Framework (AMF) is a scalable network management platform. It supports Allied Telesis switching, firewall, and wireless products, as well as a wide range of third-party devices—including video surveillance cameras and IP phones—for truly inclusive network automation. Allied Telesis Vista Manager enables graphical monitoring and management of AMF networks, and the full AlliedWare Plus operating system command set is available for all network devices. Choose locally-based automated network management, or fully cloud-based deployment.

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Business value through automation
AMF delivers immediate value to businesses of all sizes, with
centralized network management able to treat a network of
any size as a single, converged entity. This reduces cost and
complexity by delivering:
ۼ Centralized management of many or all devices right
across the network—locally or world-wide.
ۼ Network automation, with zero-touch or one-touch
backup, provisioning, upgrade, and recovery.
ۼ Network intelligence reacts to changes in the network
and automatically changes the topology.
ۼ Smart commands allow network problems to be quickly
identified and issues resolved.
Reduce operating costs by up to 60%—AMF saves time and
Simplify your network
Software Defined Networking (SDN) is moving networking
towards the ideal combination of optimal network utilization
and centralized management. An integral part of the Allied
Telesis SDN solution, AMF delivers powerful management
capabilities that are simple to use. An entire network can
be managed from a single point, up-to-date network status
is easily monitored using Vista Manager, and actionable
reporting is available for timely issue resolution.
AMF reduces the time and skill required to maintain the
network. Configuration and firmware files are regularly
backed up. Failed devices are automatically regenerated,
and configuration changes can be made on multiple devices

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